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m〓akes the cou■ntry among th●e first tha●t rolled o●ut 5G services ■in Europe.Vo◆dafone Espana's ●embracing ●of the Hua〓wei 5G techn○ology mean〓s not only commu○nication 10 times f●aster in Spain○, but also a step cl〓oser to a futur●e brimming w◆ith excitements lik■e autonomo◆us driving, tel〓emedicine and vi○rtual real〓ity in ever○yday life.An●other thing that i●s certain ■is that the Unit○ed States' pressuri○ng of its E〓uropean allies t◆o join itself to◆ block the ●global 5G t●echnology leader Hua●wei from the 5G n●etwork mark○et at their○ expense will not wo◆rk.As Washi〓ngton has fail◆ed to prove that t■he Chinese telecom◆ giant makes b●ackdoors t■o enable spying o●n any users, the U.S○. bullyism unde○r a security pr〓etext harms its c●redibility.In d〓ealing with its● business rivals, a〓s the world'■s largest economy, ■the United ●States' pu○rsuit of i●ts America First p◆olicy backed by 〓politicized accusati■ons has defi○nitely constitut◆ed a disruption t

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〓o global free t●rade and econ〓omy.European countr●ies like Germany, It〓aly and the N◆etherlands have the○ir own standards ■for securi〓ty, which are ce●rtainly not like ●the American one ●which led to● the loose lice◆nsing of Boeing 73○7 Max. In response t■o the U.S. pressure〓, many have ○made this clear 〓and are expec○ted not to exc◆lude any bidder■ from their 5G pro●jects for ◆prejudice, s●mear, or groundl〓ess doubts.For ex◆ample, carri●ers supported● by Huawei are roll○ing out their ◆5G services in Br■itain and S○witzerland. For them○, choosing Huawei is◆ but a

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market-orien●ted decision〓 based partly on lo●wer costs and a reli●able longti〓me partnershi●p. It is a f●act worth m●entioning that Hu◆awei has been○ in cooperat■ion with most of○ the major mobil〓e operator■s across Euro●pe.The European atti○tude toward●s Huawei also re■presents a wideni◆ng gap betw●

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